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Currently, YouTube and all major video analytics platforms combines all of “Sports” as one genre of content.  This has historically made it difficult for Sports fans to easily find the best channels and video content for their respective professional sports interest including:  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, or Cricket.

ProSportsIntel.com has solved this issue by creating a one stop destination for the best Professional Sports content across all high-quality publishers of pro sports video content.   Our website continuously aggregates and calculates video analytics across all curated professional sports categories and publishers. ProSportsIntel.com currently features 10 categories of content available from the website menu including:

  1. Homepage – features the most viewed pro sports video content across all categories of content.
  2. Fantasy Sports (general) – shows most viewed Fantasy Sports videos across all Fantasy sports publishers that cover more than one pro sport.
  3. Fantasy Football – provides trending view of video content across all major NFL Fantasy publishers.
  4. Fantasy Hockey – shows most viewed gaming content across all NHL fantasy hockey publishers.
  5. Fantasy Basketball – provides trending view of NBA fantasy video content across all NBA fantasy publishers.
  6. Fantasy Baseball – ranks MLB fantasy baseball videos across high-quality publishers
  7. Fantasy Soccer – provides trending view of fantasy Soccer content across all major fantasy soccer video publishers.
  8. Fantasy Cricket – provides fantasy cricket videos across all major fantasy sports cricket publishers
  9. Sports Video Gaming – shows the most viewed videos across all pro sports gaming sectors (e.g. Madden NFL games, NBA video gaming, MLB video gaming, etc.)
  10. Sports News – provides the most viewed sports video content across the major North America pro sports (football, basketball, baseball, hockey) and the top two global sports including Soccer and Cricket.
  11. Sports Betting – easily find the most viewed sports betting videos across all sports betting video publishers.

In Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting, and Video Game play, the key competitive advantage is information.   Our website solution (ProSportsIntel.com) is the only destination that continuously aggregates and calculates content analytics on all high-quality publishing sources of professional sports video content.   We are the only website showing the most viewed videos by each major pro sports category of content. So, if you are a Sports fan, serious Fantasy sports player or a Sports video gamer, ProSportsIntel.com has the most extensive collection of pro sports video content in the world.  Utilize the “Search” window to find the top videos by team or player. Each website category features a Toolbar at the top of the page where users can easily change the video time window (today, this week, this month, past year) and change the sort criteria from YouTube views to YouTube likes.

If you are a Sports video publisher, you may utilize the analytics feature of this website to see how your videos compare to other publishers in each category of website content.  Be sure to share ProSportsIntel.com with other sports fans and sports video publishers.